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FORFEITURES Defense in Miami, Broward and Hialeah


If you have been arrested on a charge in the State of Florida, not only do you face the implications of a criminal charge but you may also find yourself property subject. Civil forfeiture is a mechanism through which the State can seize property that is connected to illegal activity most often tied to drug and fraud cases. There are strict laws in place in Florida outlining the process and legality with law enforcement seizing cars, cash, computers and other personal property.

The Florida Contraband Forfeiture Act gives state law enforcement agents wide latitude to take any items they believe were used in the commission of a felony or acquired from the proceeds of a felony. Federal law enforcement has the right to seize items under a broad range of laws; the government can try and take your property before you have been convicted of anything.

Civil Asset Forfeiture vs Criminal Asset Forfeiture

Civil asset forfeiture cases will have the individual’s property seized without needing to charge the individual with a crime. When the individual is charged with the crime, their property will also be charged and tried. However, forfeiture of any property won’t be made permanent unless law enforcement can prove “beyond a reasonable doubt” that it is linked to a crime. Criminal forfeiture, on the other hand, will require actual conviction of a crime and prove that the property seized was used for illegal activity.

Defenses if you're dealing with Forfeiture

Forfeiture can be stressful and difficult for you and your family to deal with. However, we can work diligently to ensure the Government is meeting the necessary burden as many cases hinge on very specific details and can change based on a single fact.

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