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Traffic Homicide Defense in Miami, Broward and Hialeah


Even if a traffic accident is just an accident, a traffic homicide investigation will be initiated if a death resulted from the event. Traffic homicide investigators arrive on the scene immediately after a death is confirmed to gather evidence and assess the circumstances surrounding the incident. It is critical that you hire expert counsel in immediately after an accident to ensure helpful and relevant evidence is preserved to provide you the opportunity for a fair and unbiased trial.

Penalties of Traffic Homicide

The potential consequences of vehicular homicide and manslaughter offenses include significant fines, years of imprisonment, and loss of driving privileges. Many times there are also civil lawsuits, which arise that must be defended against as well.

Defenses to Traffic Homicide

Our attorneys have defended our clients extensively in criminal traffic proceedings and we will work to ensure that the appropriate evidence is preserved and you are given a fair case. We also work closely with civil defense attorneys to ensure your personal and financial interests are equally preserved.

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If you have been charged with Traffic Homicide in Florida, it is important to seek a Criminal Defense Attorney immediately. Contact Miami Criminal Defense Attorney Adam K. Goodman to learn about your options during a free consultation. As a Hialeah Criminal Defense Attorney, Adam K. Goodman will aggressively fight for you and defend your constitutional rights. Adam K. Goodman maintains the ideal that relationships matter, which has earned him respect amongst prosecutors and judiciary. This leads to results for you, the client.  

As a former Miami prosecutor and Chief of Litigation, Adam K. Goodman has the experience and knowledge to defend your case. Contact The Law Office of Adam K. Goodman at (305) 482-3265 or (954) 695-5126 today for all of your Broward County, Palm Beach, Monroe, or Miami Criminal Defense needs.