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Internet and Cyber Crimes Defense in Miami, Broward and Hialeah

MIAMI Internet and Cyber Crimes ATTORNEY

With the increasing impact computers and the internet have on our everyday lives it is no surprise that internet and cyber crimes are the fasting growing area of crime according to law enforcement and the FBI. If you have been charged with a cyber crime your computer can be law enforcement’s most important witness in the case against you.

Federal agencies routinely handle cybercrimes although state laws also govern these charges as well; Chapter 815 of Florida Statutes tackles computer-related crimes like hacking of financial and government records. There are also statutes like F.S. 847.0137 that prohibit transmission of child pornography, F.S. 847.0135 that bars online solicitation of a minor and F.S. 784.048 that prohibits cyberstalking. Other crimes include illegal music and movie downloading and distribution, copyright infringement, internet gambling, and running an internet pharmacy. Regardless of the level, law enforcement has become increasingly aggressive in prosecuting cybercrime across the spectrum of offenses.

Penalties for Internet and Cyber Crime Charges

Penalties for cybercrime are entirely dependent upon the nature of the offense:

• Hacking a computer is punishable by five years in prison, a fine of $5,000, or both.
• If the damage caused is more than $5,000 it is considered a second degree felony, punishable by up to 15 years in prison, a fine of $10,000, or both.
• If the crime causes or could have caused loss of life a conviction can lead to life imprisonment.

Defenses for Internet and Cybercrime

Both federal and state investigators employ forensic computer experts to analyze the evidence against you in the case and often times this evidence can be severely damaging. Our experienced lawyers will look at the facts surrounding your specific case and determine a strategy that will analyze your level of computer and technology competency and question whether the evidence could have been downloaded unintentionally or by some other party. Our teams will examine warrants to ensure they are specific and not overly broad in order to protect your privacy rights. Motions can be submitted to dismiss cases if there is insufficient evidence and we work to question the validity of any government expert witnesses if there is reason for concern.

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