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Probation Violations Defense in Miami, Broward and Hialeah

MIAMI Probation Violations ATTORNEY

Instead of spending time in jail or prison, many criminal offenders in Florida are released on probation or community control after pleading guilty or no contest to their criminal offense. Probation is a supervision program where the alleged offender is required to satisfy a number of conditions set forth by a judge. If the individual fails to complete any and all outlined requirements satisfactorily to the court, they may be charged with violating their probation.

Penalties for Probation Violation

There are numerous penalties for violating one’s probation, including being sentenced up to the maximum amount of jail or prison time that one could have gotten for the original offense. The probation may also be lengthened or revoked with additional terms and conditions attached. Since a probation violation is considered different from a criminal offense it is critical to understand that a defendant does not have as much protection as when they are charged with a new criminal offense.


• No right to a jury trial in a violation hearing
• No right to a bond while waiting for a hearing
• Hearsay is permissible against you
• You can be forced to testify against yourself

Defenses to a violation of Probation

The right attorney can work with your probation officer to request additional time for you to come into compliance with the terms of your probation before the violations affidavit is submitted to the judge. We can also file a motion for surrender, which may allow you to turn yourself in, allowing the judge to set a reasonable bond or even release you. With the right counsel, the court may be inclined to resolve the case that day. The best result might be dismissing the violation affidavit or simply reinstating the probation to give you another chance to successfully complete the probation.

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