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sex crimes Defense in Miami, Broward and Hialeah


Sex crimes carry some of the harshest penalties under law and are incredibly socially stigmatizing for those accused. The social repercussions of being accused of a sex crime can be equally damaging. They can lead to loss of a job, estrangement from family and even divorce. This can affect your reputation, your liberty, where you live, who you talk to, how you travel; nearly every aspect of your life.

Common sex crimes charged are lewd and lascivious molestation, sexual battery, possession of child pornography, prostitution, solicitation of prostitution, and travelling to meet a minor. If you are contacted by law enforcement informing you that you are under investigation for a sex crime it is absolutely critical that you contact an experienced lawyer immediately in order to ensure your freedom and protect your reputation.

Penalties of Sex Crimes

Although there are different consequences depending on the sex crime you are charged with there are a few penalties that are applied to all felony sex offenses in Florida.

• Sex Offender Registration: If you are convicted of a sexually related felony in Florida you have to register with state and National Sexual Offender registrations.
• Imprisonment: Though it varies depending on the crime all sexual felonies in Florida carry a mandatory prison sentence.
• Civil Commitment Proceedings (Jimmy Ryce Act and Involuntary Civil Commitment for Sexually Violent Predators’ Treatment and Care Act): If you have been convicted of a sex related felony the State Attorney may seek to have the offender committed to a commitment facility after the completion of their criminal sentence.
• Probation: Once a person who has been convicted of a sex crime is released they will be put on Sex Offender Probation. This probation regulates where you can live, work, imposes a curfew and requires sexual offender counseling.

Applicable Defenses

Defending against sex crimes is much more challenging than other charges and it is important to choose a lawyer with extensive experience in this area. Defenses include proving that the charges were in fact brought falsely, and in many cases severely exaggerated. Our firm will conduct a thorough and immediate investigation into the background of the complainant, and look at other evidence to help fight the charges.

Contact a Miami Sex Crime Attorney Today

If you have been charged with a sex crime in Florida, it is important to seek a Criminal Defense Attorney immediately. Contact Miami Criminal Defense Attorney Adam K. Goodman to learn about your options during a free consultation. As a Hialeah Criminal Defense Attorney, Adam K. Goodman will aggressively fight for you and defend your constitutional rights. Adam K. Goodman maintains the ideal that relationships matter, which has earned him respect amongst prosecutors and judiciary. This leads to results for you, the client.  

As a former Miami prosecutor and Chief of Litigation, Adam K. Goodman has the experience and knowledge to defend your case. Contact The Law Office of Adam K. Goodman at (305) 482-3265 or (954) 695-5126 today for all of your Broward County, Palm Beach, Monroe, or Miami Criminal Defense needs.